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To be one of the leading technology, industry, and service group in Vietnam

Over the last decade, the company has established its position as a market leader and trusted brand in Online Monitoring Solutions to a thousand customers in Vietnam and abroad. VAG’s brands were founded with a mission to strive “To bring more successful for customers in Industries” and VAG wanted to provide the highest quality of Instrument and Environment Monitoring System.

Viet An Service is proud to own a team of young, dynamic engineers, knowledgeable in application, experienced in after sales service, consulting, installing automatic monitoring systems of wastewater, surface water, water supply, groundwater, systems. monitoring of factory chimney emissions ..

Our Services

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Our Services

Stay Up, Stay Running, Stay Protected

New Installation services

We handle a wide range of services, from site preparation, installation and commissioning to start ups, repairs, replacement parts, retrofitting, and relocation. Our team of committed specialists is dedicated to keeping your machines running in top condition throughout the entire life cycle.

Maintenance and Calibration

With maintenance and calibration service that keeps your environmental monitoring systems up and running, then enjoy increased productivity.

Repair service

Our longstanding relationships with machine suppliers and our knowledge of daily processes in specific industries give us the edge when it comes to machine repair and spare parts supply. We are always on hand to help with our specialists whenever or wherever you need it.

Viet An services built specifically for your business. Find your solution

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    Your company need maintenance service

    We ready for maintenance service contract to environmental monitoring system.
    Contact us today

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    Your environmental monitoring station need repair

    We have both service in-shop repair and onsite visit can support customer with express solutions.
    Contact us today

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